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When it comes to multilingual video content, it could be argued that subtitles are the science and voice overs are the art. Whilst subtitles are an efficient way to fulfil accessibility and optimise video SEO, voice overs bring a sense of personality and a human connection to a video.

Since 2008, Dotsub has been built on robust technology, a trusted linguist community and our sector leading service;
and Dotsub VoiceOver is no different.

Our talent specialists have overseen an extensive and thorough recruitment process to assemble our skilled roster to help you find your voice.

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The Dotsub VoiceOver Experience 🎙

  • Sourcing and vetting a selection of native language voice over artists Giving you options to choose the perfect voice for your project
  • Cloud-based studio workflows between your chosen voice over artist and our production teamRemoving the exorbitant fees charged by traditional agencies
  • Post edit QA, ensuring that your audio is refined with breaths and pauses removed
  • File export to your specified requirements
  • Usage in perpetuityThe final recording is your intellectual property, with no strings (or fees) attached

Find Your Voice With Dotsub

Tell us about your VoiceOver needs. A member of our team will then back to you to discuss the next steps.

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