Dotsub’s VideoTMS and Machine Translation

Dotsub is pleased to announce the addition of Machine Translation (MT) functionality to its market leading VideoTMS™ platform. Currently, the basis of this functionality is Amazon Translate, a neural machine translation service. We plan to expand the number of available services in the future.

Dotsub specializes in Audio Visual Translation (AVT). Traditionally MT is focused on text translation and has problems when the text is separated into segments that may split a thought or concept across two or more captions.

Dotsub has added technology to improve the translation of captions and subtitles by unpacking the segmented text prior to and repacking the text after the machine translation process. This provides context to the translation and significantly improves the quality over cue-by-cue translation.

To improve translation, VideoTMS provides the ability to review (post-edit) the translation by professional linguists, either ours or your own.

As with all Audio-Visual Translation, the input, that is, the source language captions, must be of the highest quality to maximize the quality of the target language translation.

How to Use MT

  1. Contact Dotsub to make sure AWS Machine Translation is enabled for your organization in the Platform Features option within Organizations.

You are ready
to use Machine Translation.

Available Languages

Currently we
support Machine Translate to and from the following languages:

Afrikaans German Polish
Albanian Greek Portuguese
Amharic Gujarati Romanian
Arabic Haitian
Armenian Hausa Serbian
Azerbaijani Hebrew Sinhala
Bengali Hindi Slovak
Bosnian Hungarian Slovenian
Bulgarian Icelandic Somali
Catalan Indonesian Spanish
Italian Spanish
Japanese Swahili
Croatian Kannada Swedish
Czech Kazakh Tagalog
Danish Korean Tamil
Dari Latvian Telugu
Dutch Lithuanian Thai
English Macedonian Turkish
Estonian Malay Ukrainian
Malayalam Urdu
Maltese Uzbek
Finnish Mongolian Vietnamese
French Norwegian Welsh
Georgian Pashto

post editing is only available from English to the languages and from most of
these languages into English. If you need another language pair, please contact
your Dotsub representative or send an email to [email protected].


translation is priced at $0.50 per video language minute

Post editing
is priced at 2/3 of the translation list price for the language pair.

For more
information email [email protected] or call +1.212.991.8685

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